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(I know this is REALLY late but better late than never…)

Many people think that JYP (the person, Jin Young Park/Park Jin Young – not the entertainment company JYP) is to blame for 2PM’s leader, Jaebeom leaving the group. People have been frustrated and angry at him for 1.Telling Jaebeom to leave or 2.Not doing his best to keep Jaebeom in 2PM.

I think otherwise, and most likely, many of you will disagree with me. Many of you would say, “Why do you believe JYP?” Well, my response is somewhat lengthy. I would have to say, because I trust JYP. JYP just seems different from LSM and YHS – the two founders of the other two big Korean entertainment companies. Looking at how his “stars” talk about him, it really makes it seem like he’s a big brother, always watching out for them, sometimes in a hilarious way. He doesn’t seem uptight or hard to get around with. He seems almost like a family member – someone you can always call “hyung” or “oppa”, knowing he’ll help you out to the best of his ability.

Now you can ask how I know this since I don’t know him personally. I’d like to hear what you have to say – please post comments. The reality is …JYP is my kin uncle I don’t know. I don’t know how JYP actually acts, but I think that these “testimonies” from his “bred” stars are enough to know. Looking at how even Jaebeom – the center of this controversy talked about JYP makes it seem like he likes him even though he might be harsh or mean or strict sometimes, he likes him. It all adds to his caring character. I think that all of JYP’s “stars” are lucky to have him as a producer – he seems WAYYY more laid back compared to LSM and YHS. Now back to the main topic, I trust JYP because he said that Jaebeom would be staying in 2PM – it was Jaebeom who said he was quitting. Even after reading his friends’ “testimonies”, it makes sense – one of them said that he knows that Jaebeom would be the type of person who would feel REALLY guilty even if it wasn’t his fault. He said that he was the type of person who would take responsibility for his actions and would feel guilty if he didn’t – which goes to say that Jaebeom would most likely do this of his own accord. I trust Jaebeom. I trust JYP. I trust their decisions. I do wish that Jay will come back. 돌아올지도 몰라. He might WILL come back because 7-1=0 and the others – Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu, and Chansung NEED HIM.

Also, many of you probably say, “We won’t buy any 2PM merchandise because of this controversy. I am on the other side of this. I will continue to support and buy 2PM merchandise because even though they have one member less and are nothing without Jaebeom, TRUE fans stay with entertainers through the good AND bad times. You might say that you are staying with them – but the most important matter is whether or not Jaebeom comes back. Shouldn’t you already trust that your leader is thinking about this matter? And shouldn’t you think that no matter what, you’ll respect his decision even if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to? Also, if you say that you won’t support 2PM because you need to let Jaebeom know that you’re there, and you desperately need him, this is what I have to say: I personally think that the best way to continue to support Jaebeom and the rest of the 2PM members is by supporting 2PM even as a 6-member group. You can disagree with this. Jaebeom needs some time to think about  things and sort  them out. You shouldn’t force him to come back – isn’t it better for Jaebeom to come back, happy and strong rather than being forced to do what he doesn’t want to do? Think about this.

No matter what, I WILL support 2PM – even they’re doing something I don’t particularly like, I’ll support them because I trust that they’ll make the right decision next time and will come back stronger as ever. END OF STORY.

Jaebeom WILL come back and I know it. I think that the only thing I can do at this point is to support Jaebeom’s label-mates who debuted with him. If Jaebeom and his fans are in this position, where do think the other 2PM members stand? They must be just as frustrated and tired. Jaebeom AND all the other six members – Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu, and Chansung are suffering too. I think that the best thing to do as fans is to let them know that you’ll still support them and you love them. To let them know that you’ll stick with them and never become anti-fans.

Many of you will disagree, but I’d like to know why. If you disagree so strongly, convince me why I should be on your side. (POST POST POST comments!)