Yay! I can’t believe my blog has reached 100 hits when I didn’t even post very interesting stuff..I guess it’s just the power of HOTTESTS!!!!!! (2PM IS THE HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY!!!!) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH HOTTESTS!!!! I will try my best to post more 2PM-related stuff for my “readers” (even though I don’t think anyone actually subscribes to my blog). Yes, 100 hits isn’t a lot, but I think it’s pretty good since I achieved it over less than a month, while I just go on babbling about random stuff like 2PM. Yes, people like coolsmurf (www.coolsmurf.wordpress.com) get SOOOOOOO many hits, but I’m not coolsmurf so I think what I’ve accomplished is pretty good. Thank you hottests AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! 2PM is 10 OUT OF 10 and THE HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY!! HE MIGHT COME BACK because it’s TIME FOR CHANGE – we just need to tell him the opposite of “I HATE YOU”. (Thank you for reading through my pun-filled 2PM thing…)