helllooo guyss! (:

i am wannabefob’s sister :]]

i am going to be a new writer for this blog to update you guys on all sorts of random things we’re doing here that’s related to the kpop world ^^

our updates will be mostly on 2PM, but we’re also hoping to expand to other JYPE artists (yes, we are a bit biased). however, if we love any other artists, we will update you guys about that here too (:

last but not least, we’re going to be making new categories such as music that we’re listening to now, or new songs that came out that we’re addicted to. :] another category is dramas (: we’re going to be writing reviews for dramas that we’re currently watching or dramas that we’ve seen before. we’ll give the pros & cons of the drama with a rating too ^^

so stay tuned to just expect more korean addictness from us! (: (: