You probably have heard of the flash mobs in NYC and South Korea that showed support for 2PM’s leadja Jaebeom who left back in early September (it’s been SO long yet the Hottests are constantly supporting Jaebeom and 2PM). Well, in case you haven’t seen them yet, here they are:

Here’s the original Korean flash mob:

credit: LeadjaProtectionProg


credit: theNYChottest

I personally don’t really like this one because they make it REALLY obvious that they planned it – so it’s not an actual flash mob. Creative, yes. Unique, not really.

And finally, here are the International fans from other countries (yes, it really is International). Many of them were titled “Time Stop Flash Mob”. They were all different, some resembling others, while some were totally unique and unexpected.

Brazil (yes, the country in South America):

credit: 2PMHotSubs

I personally didn’t like it because they were just standing there while you’d be like, “What?” so it wasn’t that unique to me.

Next, Malaysia:

credit: imafighterforjaypark

Even though they just stood there like the Brazil one, it was pretty unique with the 2PM signs and the bunny ears. That was quite unique. Wild Bunny!!!! :)

I just found another Malaysia one:

credit: imafighterforjaypark

I liked how they did different songs like Abracadabra for “Dirty Eyed Girls”. In this one and the previous one there seemed to be lots of some tourists.


credit: kw0nmiqi

It reminded me of the one in NYC because both had crowds before it even started, but it was good.

South Korea (of course)! These are different from the one I showed earlier.

credit: LeadjaProtectionProg

This one is cool because it’s very realistic how they just stop, especially in such a busy place.

credit: DoubleH0220

This one is really coordinated, but again it’s obviously planned. The guy-dancers are good, though.

This has been a super long post so when my sister or I find the chance to write more, we’ll post other videos.