Yes, the title says it all.

After the success of their hit song “Again & Again” earlier this year, 2PM had planned to make a comeback with the release of their first full album in October.

However, with all the news that has been going on in September, the album’s relase was delayed. If you haven’t been updated on what happened, there was a  Myspace controversy, which led to leader Jaebeom leaving the group and returning to Seattle, leading to the boycott by the Hottests’ all around the world.

I guess that after a month of Jaebeom being gone from 2PM, the angered fans (me as well) have cooled down a bit.

So now, 2PM has confirmed that their album will be coming out in November.

However, Hottests’ are still continuing the boycott and standing firm on their decision.

What will be YOUR stand?

Will you support 2PM as six members or boycott them until Jay returns?