Episodes 3 & 4 of korean drama IRIS starring Lee Byung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, and Big Bang member T.O.P were released just a couple days ago!

Right when I got home after school today, I watched the episodes, and it didn’t disappoint at all. (:


In episode 3, Kim Hyun Joon & Choi Seung Hee went on a cute vacation to Japan because they were given a vacation break. However, an emergency called them back from vacation, sending them to Hungary right away.

In episode 4, Kim Hyun Joon is given a task to assassinate somebody. He does so, but as he’s escaping, he gets shot. Luckily, he’s able to escape back to the hotel. (In the beginning of the drama, it showed this scene, so now we’ve returned back to the present.)

At the end of the episode, we see his friend Jin Sa Woo come to him. It seems like Sa Woo came to save him, but in reality, Sa Woo has been given orders to kill Hyun Joon.

OH MAAN. this has left me off my seat!

I wonder what will happen to Hyun Joon…too bad the next two episodes come out next week!

Anyways it’s really suspenseful right now…and since the drama is called IRIS, does that mean that Hyun Joon will join IRIS and ditch NSS? This is starting to remind me of the storyline in “Temptation of Dog and Wolf” starring Lee Joon Ki. I love action dramas like this. (:

So if you’re extremely bored and you have nothing to do, start a drama! Which drama? start IRIS! :]