Just another short edit: This should be only temporary. Hopefully Lotte will actually open up the auctions for 2PM’s outfits again.


I just found out that Lotte has closed all the auctions for 2PM’s outfits- ALL of them.

There has been some skepticism that nobody is rich enough to buy an outfit for almost 2 million dollars unless they’re a rich man’s daughter. Adding to this, the person that bid for Park Jaebeom’s outfit also bid for the other members’ outfits. Many have thoughts that this person is an anti-fan that is just doing this to trick others because they can back out of the auction without paying a penalty for not buying the item.

This might most certainly be a fraud. D:

And I was excited that someone would pay so much for 2PM’s outfits.

When I find out more about this, I’ll be sure to inform you guys!


Currently, Lotte is auctioning off celebrity items for charity in their “Thermometer of Love” event. A week ago, the highest priced item was Lee Junki’s jeans which were priced around 660,000 won (around 570 USD) 동방신기’s (DBSK) Changmin’s Japanese learning book was priced second-highest at 500,500 won – around 430 USD. Now, with new items added to the list, the highest priced item is one of Jaebeom’s possessions – his old “Again and Again” outfit. You can guess but I don’t think anyone knew how money just a simple outfit would garner. 2,036,430,000 WON – about 1, 709, 412.78 USD (I found this number usingwww.xe.com

However, I’m not sure how accurate this is because allkpop.com said that it equaled 1,710,512 USD. Either way, it’s a huge sum and whoever gets it is sure lucky. If only Jaebeom saw this. Anyways, the other members’ outfits were also auctioned.

(I’ll only state the prices in terms of the South Korean Won because I’m not sure which websites are most reliable. Also, I just listed the prices based on the alphabetical order of their names.) I have to admit, it’s pretty amazing how 2PM’s stage outfits can each raise a couple thousand dollars (USD) while DBSK’s  (the DBSK with the fanclub of 800,000!) Changmin’s Japanese learning book only ended up raising 1,611,600 Won. THE POWER OF HOTTESTS!!!

Chansung – 10,717,700 Won

Junho – 4,428,800 Won

Junsu – 5,900,000 Won

Nichkhun – 12,644,500 Won

Taecyeon – 14,619,400 Won

Wooyoung – 39,600,000 Won

These were the prices when I checked, but if you want to know what else is being auctioned and the price at a certain time, here’s the website: http://www.lotte.com/lotte/event/20091009_star/LCStarAuction.jsp?tclick=star_sky