I decided to make a “section” where I (or my sister, eunii) share my favorite song(s) of the week. I’ll try my best to be consistent with this, and just to let you know, not all the songs I will post are new. If I feel like it, I might even post new songs at the bottom. :)

Please support these artists by not downloading their songs illegally or “file sharing”. I once was guilty of this, but I’ve changed and think about it — if you live in the US, you can be fined thousands of dollars just for one song.

This week, my favorite songs are:

Kim Tae Woo’s (김태우) (former member of g.o.d. — groove over dose) “Love Rain” (사랑비)


credit: urasiansourceKpop


credit: 202Nanonine202

Park Bom’s (박봄) (2NE1) “You and I” (it came out just this week and it’s currently #1 on Cyworld: http://music.cyworld.com/)


credit: YGladies


credit: atariul

Btw, sorry! No time to post new songs that came out this week…maybe next time. :)