So it’s Friday night. You’re bored doing nothing at home. So what’s a good way to use your time? WATCH KOREAN DRAMAS!!!!!! Don’t know what to watch? Well, I’m going to help you with that (:

Below I’m going to list the dramas that I’m currently watching (mostly through Right now, these dramas are currently airing in Korea, and since Korea is ahead of the United States by about 16 hours (PST time, and also including daylight savings). So the day after an episode airs on tv, I normally go watch it on viikii. (:

1. IRIS (20 episodes)

A drama about action & love, this is really suspenseful and keeps me on my feet. It airs in Korea on Wednesdays and Thursdays nights, so I watch it on Thursday & Friday nights;  it’s a good way to lead into the weekend too. ^^ It also keeps me from procrastinating on homework because I only watch 2 episodes a week. :]]

However, although the website for IRIS is on viikii, the videos for IRIS are NOT because the copyright owners of IRIS told viikii to take down their current videos of IRIS & to refrain from uploading new videos until given permission. Right now, viikii is trying to get permission for this. However, if you want to watch without subs, you can go to the KBSi World website & watch the current episodes, but you have to hurry, because after a week, I believe they take down the current videos to add the new episodes. You may also need to make an account for this, but I’m not completely sure. You can also go to to watch the episodes, but also without subs. There is also to watch IRIS, but with CHINESE subtitles. I’m Chinese, but I can’t read Chinese, so this is no help to me either. :/ If you can read Chinese, then you’re in luck!

2.  Smile, You (50 episodes)

So, I like watching short dramas. But long dramas can also be really good, because the progression to love is more realistic. xD Featuring the fiancee of Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) from Boys Before Flowers as the lead in this drama, it is quite interesting. We get to see her acting more, and the lead man isn’t bad looking either ^^

So far I’ve only watched 2 episodes, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on this one, since I think 10 episodes have already come out so far.

This drama is shown on Saturday & Sunday nights, so after I catch up, I’ll be watching it on Sunday & Monday nights- a nice start into the new week.

This drama has proven to be pretty interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the main leads will fall in love (:

3. Creating Destiny (50 episodes)

Featuring Eugene (from S.E.S) as the main lead, I definitely wanted to watch this drama. It also airs during the weekend, so I guess I’ll be getting a double dose of dramas on Sundays & Mondays (since it airs on Saturdays & Sundays in Korea). Honestly, I’ve only gotten into kpop last year, so I’ve never really heard any songs from S.E.S, but Eugene is simply beautiful & I love her English too, so I decided to give this drama a try. (: I also look forward to seeing how this bickering couple will end up falling in love ^^

4. Angel’s Temptation (20 episodes)

I’ve only seen 1 episode of this drama because I started it today, and it is really suspenseful. I feel so bad for the husband because his wife is so deceitful, but that’s what makes it so good, showing that the main lead for the woman is really a great actress.

If you’ve seen Temptation of Wife (which I highly recommend), then this drama is the same except the roles are reversed, and there’s a different cast. Although Temptation of Wife had 130 episodes (it was so good that I got through it all), this one only has 20 so far. Oh man, I’m looking forward to what will happen next!

Also, if you’re a big fan of revenge dramas (East of Eden, Temptation of Wife, Woman of the Sun), then watch this- you’ll definitely love it. I only finished watching one episode, and I’m already hooked.

Anyways, this airs on Sundays & Mondays in Korea (which is Mondays & Tuesdays for us), so I guess I’ll have a triple dose of dramas now xD


I hope this mini review helps!

Oh, and sometimes the subbers finish subbing really fast, so you can watch the episode on the day that it’s released in Korea (so if it was aired on Monday in Korea, then you might be able to watch it on Monday online). ^^

So now, I think most of you will know what I’m going to do. WATCH KOREAN DRAMASS. Oh maan, they are SO addicting :P