Earlier, we mentioned 2PM’s outfits being auctioned for approximately 1,700,000 USD in total. However, it was later found to be a scam by fans or anti-fans who bid higher and higher, since there was no penalty for not actually paying what you bid in the end. The organizers of this event eventually found out, and they stopped auctioning 2PM’s outfits to settle things. Yesterday (10/30), the fourth and last season of the auction began — and 2PM’s outfits still weren’t auctioned yet. Today, I just checked Lotte’s website to see how much people were bidding for items like Yeeun and Yoobin’s (Wonder Girls) clothes. I scrolled down to the bottom and there they were — 2PM’s outfits! So far, they’re raking in the most money — but of course, not as much (just take away a few zeroes…).  The most expensive item so far…you guessed it. Jaebeom’s outfit for 742,700 won (when I last checked it). The bids for the other 2PM outfits and the Wonder Girls clothes are listed below.

Wooyoung — 345,100 won

Nichkhun — 249,900 won

Taecyeon — 175,300 won

Junsu — 159,000 won

Chansung — 158,000 won

Junho — 146,000 won

(The 2PM outfits are currently the most expensive items)

Yeeun’s Batman T-shirt — 25,700 won

Yoobin’s Scarf — 25,600 won

Yes, it’s quite a few figures from the scammed numbers, but I think it’s very possible for the items to be sold at a couple thousand dollars later on.

Link: http://www.lotte.com/lotte/event/20091009_star/LCStarAuction.jsp?tclick=star_sky