On 2PM’s official website (link below), you see a beating heart that reads “2PM” and a countdown timer right under it.

Check it out here: http://2pm.jype.com/

Anyways, right now, there’s 66 hours and 37 minutes left until the timer gets to 0. When it gets there, I guess we’ll find out JYP’s intent. Right now I’m thinking two things- either Jaebeom is coming back (I’m crossing my fingers so much for this!!) or 2PM’s album is going to be released (or maybe a single?). Anyhow, I’m happy for whatever it is. And I cannot wait until it hits zero. JYP really knows how to tease us..

But then, I just found out that on allkpop (awesome website that says everything about kpop or kdramas) the timer will never hit zero. So what does this mean? It just hits 1 hour, 59 minutes and then freezes.

This is one hard mystery to solve. xD