Earlier, when asked about 2PM’s comeback, a JYPE representative stated “We cannot reveal anything at this moment but what is sure is that they will be returning on the 13th through KBS2TV’s Music Bank. We cannot say anything else besides that right now. Nothing has changed (about Jaebeom returning).” — with the possibility of our beloved leadja Jaebeom returning. All that’s for sure is 2PM’s comeback on Music Bank on Friday the 13th, but it’s better than nothing, right?


As depressing as it may be without Jaebeom, 2PM has finished filming for their new song’s music video — yes, without Jaebeom. :( However, according to Newsen, 2PM will release a song(s) from their first full length album on November 2nd @ 3pm (Korea, of course) and will reveal their full comeback plans on Tuesday at a press conference. Now that I think of it, there are only like 5 hours till the new song(s) are released!!! I’m really hyped up for it.

Unfortunately for me, I usually go to sleep pretty early so I’m not sure if I should stay up an extra 15 minutes just to get the inside scoop on 2PM’s comeback. In Korea, there’s only 6 hours till the countdown should read 00:00:00:00! I might not be able to update on 2PM’s comeback since news will most likely be released when I’m asleep, so you might just want to check allkpop for now until I post more current news.