I was a bit disappointed when I checked Cyworld Music and saw that 2PM’s “Tired of Waiting” was #4, with Baek Ji Young’s “잊지 말아요” at #1, Park Bom’s “You and I” following, and 4men’s “다시 사랑 할 수 있을까” in third. It was bound to happen because of its overdose of autotune, it not even being 2PM’s title track, and the loss of Jaebeom. Just because it’s 2PM, I wanted it to be a hit even if it wasn’t with Jaebeom, and it is, but it isn’t as popular as I wished. Hopefully they’ll have a no-autotune version that sounds like the teaser for “Tired of Waiting” that was released earlier this week.

Even though what comes up must come up, the reverse of that can happen, right? 2PM may not be as popular on Cyworld, but on Mnet, “Tired of Waiting” is currently ranked as #6, and moreover, it’s #1 on Bugs (I know, such a weird name.)! Hopefully 2PM or “1:59PM” as some Hottests may call it will remain in the top 25 on main Korean music portals.

Just a reminder, there’s currently about 8 hours until it reaches 2:01PM on November 5 in South Korea, when another timer on 2PM’s official website will strike 01:59:00:00!