A few days ago, 2PM’s song “Tired of Waiting” was released. I know that many of you fans (me included) did not like the auto tune in the song, and the fact that it was overly used. Luckily, this is not the main song that will be promoted by 2PM.

Well, recently, on 2PM’s website, the teaser for their new song was released. I don’t live in South Korea, but I changed my time to South Korea time :]  The teaser sounds BEAUTIFUL. I love the piano part & so far there’s no auto tune. I hope the real song won’t have any auto tune at all; the teaser for “Tired of Waiting” didn’t have any auto tune; however, when the full song was released, it had a LOT of auto tune, so I’m hoping for different results this time.

This song was also made by JYP himself, so I’m expecting something good!

Check out the teaser below:

I’m anticipating the full song!

On the website, there’s also a photo of the now 6 members of 2PM, and I’m liking the concept (:

For those of you that are rejecting 2PM just because Jay is now gone, think again. I know that this is really controversial and has split up fans everywhere, but I can’t imagine 2PM not even existing anymore just because Jay left and everyone is boycotting. D:

Please don’t make 2PM end..support them even until the end. And just wait for Jay…