2PM’s Youtube page has just released 7 6 teaser videos.  In my opinion, they all look the same and for some of them, I can’t even recognize the member, but it’s a very interesting concept indeed. I’ve never seen something like this before. Although all the videos carry the same concept, each member is saying something different. JYP also stated that the heartbeats we heard in the teasers were of each member’s REAL heartbeats. He is one genius! xD I’m guessing that these teasers are for their MV…maybe their MAIN track. I guess “Tired of Waiting” & “I Was Crazy For You” were just side tracks to get us pumped up for the real thing. Anyways, watch the videos below & decide for yourself.

Below are the 7 6videos: (I really wrote 7 both times. I MISS JAY)







Seems like all their words are aiming towards Jay..and in Taecyeon’s video, he says “us 7 members”. SEVEN!

On the 10th, the FULL ALBUM will be released! Only 2 more days!!!!

Listen to my heartbeat.