Even after 2 months of Jay’s absence, the Hottests’ have not given up in their boycott! Hottests’ all around the world are sticking to it until  Jay comes back, because they believe that if 2PM is still successful without Jaebeom, then JYP will never bring Jay back. Although I do not wholeheartedly support the boycott, I do find that this is a valid reason for the Hottests’ to continue boycotting.

On the JYP building in Korea, Hottests’ have placed a big banner that says “The only one tired of waiting [their new song, if you didn’t already know] is Park Jin Young ONLY YOU!”

I guess the Hottests’ won’t back down so easily. In  a way, I’m proud of them, but then again, I’m sad to see the fall of the other 6 members of 2PM just because of Jay.