2PM”s comeback has been 100% confirmed! It was revealed on SBS Inkigayo that 2PM would be making a comeback very soon (I think this week!). Those of you Hottests who think that “Tired of Waiting” has too much auto-tune that ruins the melodic song, you’re in luck because 2PM’s comeback song isn’t “Tired of Waiting”. A JYPE representative stated that 2PM’s title track for their full album would be released on November along with their album release. It’s supposed to have a new and fresh style.

credit: CodeMonmonSeason4


Also, 2PM’s counterpart, 2AM (which together make ONEDAY) has been showing some support for Jaebeom. 2AM’s leader, Jo Kwon recently updated his MiniHompy (Mini Homepage for Cyworld) and it said:

“1:59, 2:00”
“Keep Going”

Although it doesn’t say, “JAEBEOM, COME BACKK!!”, it’s obvious that the message is aimed towards Jaebeom. After 2 months, nothing is certain about Jaebeom and 2PM, but like many of you Hottests, I’m hoping and praying for Jaebeom to come back. Even if he doesn’t, I’ll support 2PM because Jaebeom made a personal decision and it’s better to support 6 members than discourage them.


I guess I might as well start posting news about 2AM. :)