It’s been a week since I stated that I’d be posting news of Raymond Lam, and finally I find not one, but two articles to write about. Even though I checked my news source everyday to make sure I did my job as a translator and news source to report news quickly and efficiently, only today I found news — one was said to be posted on November 5 and the other one was said to be posted November 8 (today). However, I checked yesterday and Friday and there wasn’t any news…weird. But seeing that there is news, I will write about it even though I had to use Google Translate to find out what it really was talking about.


First, CCTV had a Spring Festival Evening event (I’m not sure if it’s for a Spring Festival, but it clearly said “春” which means Spring — that I know.) and people would vote for their favorite stars. (I’m really summing it up — Sorry, this is a short post.) Raymond Lam had the most votes (as his role as an actor) and was the star of the night with 2297 votes. (This actually was 2 paragraphs, yet I wrote it in 2 sentences.)


Raymond Lam and others (Hong Kong entertainment and sports celebrities) attended the 2009 Chinese Badminton Team Charity Show at Wan Chai Southern Stadium (Hong Kong). Lin Dan, a Chinese badiminton player also attended and he and Raymond Lam know each other because they’re both from the Chinese province of Fujian. This event’s tickets sold out, but the organizers of course had tickets to sell at the opening for those who decided to attend last-minute. Surprisingly, a couple already waited to buy tickets at 5:30 when the tickets were going to be sold at 7PM. The reason why the couple wanted to go the event was just to see Raymond Lam! It’s quite obvious of Raymond Lam’s popularity in Hong Kong. If you’re a fan, support Raymond Lam by buying his merchandise and becoming a part of his fanclub, Fung Forever (You don’t have to be like those die-hards!).