This REALLY made my day! (I sound like I have no life…but for 2PM, I’d be willing to have no life. <3 2PM!)

Right when I came home, I went on youtube just to listen to some music, and to my surprise, symbelmynee uploaded another video — 2PM’s Heartbeat (aka the title song for their full album/the song that had the 6 teasers). I listened to it right away and I’m listening to it now.

It really is a different kind of music like JYPE said. I wonder if the underlying heartbeat noise is one of their real heartbeats. (I know, a crazy thought, but JYP is quite a genius so I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Here it is:

credit: Symbelmynee

I love it because even though it has a bit auto-tune, it really is unique and it really shows 2PM’s vocals and skills. I’m wondering if the video is a music video-type thing and if the name of the album is really “1:59 PM”, then I’m really loving the concept. Hurry and listen to it!

Also, the FULL ALBUM was released!!! I’m totally fangirling right now!

Here’s the list of songs (videos and songs thanks to elaisfangirl):

2PM – The First Album 1:59PM
01. My Heart
02. Heartbeat
03. Tired of waiting
04. (I Was) Crazy Over You
05. Gimme the light
06. Back 2U
07. All Night Long
08. Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09. 10 Points out of 10
10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Again & Again
12. I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
13. You Might Comeback (Bossa Nova Mix)

Back 2U:

I Hate You (Lounge Mix):

You Might Comeback (Bossa Nova Mix):

All Night Long:

My Heart:

Tired of Waiting:

Gimme the Light:

I Was Crazy Over You:

10 Out of 10:

Only You (Acoustic Mix):

Heartbeat (Red Light Mix):