This is actually more like rumors, but still, it relates to 2PM and Jaebeom returning. On MBC’s “Golden Fishery”, JYP himself hinted the return of Jaebeom (this episode is set to air on Veteran’s Day –11/11). It was stated, “We slightly touched upon Jaebeom’s possible return, JYP’s statement can be considered another step in that direction. But it is not set in stone. However, this should at least answer fans’ confusion and clear up the situation a bit.”

Hopefully they step further and Jaebeom comes back before the end of this year! This really reminds me of those really cheesy childhood films where someone would leave and comeback just in time to save the day!! :)

It’s actually kind of funny because I was kind of touching on the possibility of taking a break from writing today. I’m glad I didn’t!