**These might be fanmade but we’re not sure..

Just now, I was looking at Daum Music and came across this article. Using Google Translate (My Korean is really bad), I found that this would (most likely?) translate into “1:59PM to become a perfect 2:00PM” — probably meaning how with Jaebeom, 2PM is perfect. I looked through the article and it contained pictures of 2PM for their new album, starting with the first pictures released.

Tired of Waiting/기다리다 지친다

This was released with "Tired of Waiting"/"기다리다 지친다", so it was thought to be the album cover.

I was Crazy for You/너에게 미쳤었다

This was released with the next song, "I was Crazy for You"/"너에게 미쳤었다", except Jaebeom wasn't part of the version that was released.

Heartbeat Teaser

6 members released their own teaser where they'd say what made their heart beat. The teasers were for their title track,"Heartbeat" but Jaebeom never released a teaser.

2PM Vol.1 1:59PM

The album cover for 2PM's "1:59PM" was finally released when all of the tracks on their album were released.

These pictures were taken from 2PM's "Heartbeat" music video. This was their concept for the music video where Jaebeom was excluded.

I was surprised when I saw that this picture had 7 people -- it might have meant that most pictures were with Jaebeom, but for Jaebeom's well being, they didn't want to keep him in all the pictures since Hottests would think he was coming back for promotions.

As you can see, there were quite a few different concepts for 2PM’s new album. Some of the pictures were taken with Jaebeom. Some of the pictures were probably taken after his leave or if the picture was an individual shoot,  JYPE probably stored it somewhere, not wanting to guarantee anything to Hottests.