Well, so maybe it’s not their official comeback, but we definitely do see the boys back on stage.

Earlier, we told you guys about the dates of 2PM’s comeback, and the first performance has been released! It’s only a fancam, but still better than nothing right? I know you’ve been waiting, so check it out:

Hot huh?
If you saw 2PM’s MV for “Heartbeat”, then you can see that their choreography is the same in the performance. Near the end, they do the pyramid just like in the MV, and they’re so good that they make it look effortless.

I LOVE these boys. Of course, it’s not the same without our leadja Jaebeom, but I’d rather have a 6 member 2PM than no 2PM at ALL.

I know I’m always saying that you guys should support 2PM even without Jay; I say that in almost every 2PM post. xD But I really believe that Jay will come back. So let’s just way (: And I hope my “support 2PM without jay!” speech won’t drive you crazy since I’m doing it all the time. xD

Tomorrow is 2PM’s OFFICIAL comeback on Music Bank!
We’ll post the performance once it comes out, so stay tuned! (: