I remember how I found out about Linda Chung. It was when I watched “Moonlight Resonance”, A TVB (Hong Kong) Drama. I remembered her as “Yue So-Tsau” and my cousin remembered her as the girl with the weird bangs (Instead of having side-bangs, she had “both-sides-bangs” — basically side-bangs but on both sides…that’s another story…).

Anyways, even though she wasn’t that pretty or that good of an actress/singer, but I really liked her earlier this year because she came to San Francisco Chinatown, and I got to attend her fan-signing thing and her “concert-ish” performance at the Palace of Fine Arts during the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant. After her performance, I looked up her songs and they were okay, but the main reason why I listened to her songs was because I “met” her. After a while, I grew tired of them and I forgot how they went (hehe…).

So yesterday, I was surfing the internet, looking to see if Jason Chan’s “拍一半拖” was released with a mini-album or album and I came across a Linda Chung T-shirt that said “My Love Story” so I searched it up and found that her new album was going to be released. I was right on time!

I’m still listening to all of the tracks of her album, and so far, it seems pretty good except that “Fly me to the Moon” is really ughhh. It’s very cheesy and really cheesy English…just annoys me. Just like “Fly me to the Moon”, “Cha Cha Bounce” is…ughhh. I kind of thought it’d be ugh when I saw the title, and just a 10-second snippet of the song proved my assumption. It sounds like an attempted catchy beat song. But other than that, I don’t have any problems as of now…

Some of my favorite tracks are “日夜想你” (main track) , “明爭暗鬥”, and her duet “戀愛令人心痛” that’s a duet with Philip Wei and was composed by Jay Chou himself! Like most Cantopop, the majority of the songs on this album (I’ve only listened to about half of the songs so far) are calm, melodic ballad-type songs.

This is the track list/list of music videos the Limited Preorder Version on YesAsia comes with. The Preorder Version on YesAsia also comes with 7 postcards, stickers, and a photo sticker album. It costs around 21 USD, and I’m considering whether or not I should buy it. Also, there are 2 Mandarin songs (The rest are in Cantonese/English). Check it out:
01. 日夜想你
02. 明爭暗鬥
03. 暗示
04. Fly Me To The Moon
05. 有一天
06. 戀愛令人心痛 – 韋雄/鍾嘉欣合唱
07. 生死也為愛
08. Cha Cha Bounce
09. 聽說你愛我
10. 白羊座的情歌
11. 有一天 (國)
12. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)

01. 日夜想你
02. 明爭暗鬥
03. 戀愛令人心痛 – 韋雄/鍾嘉欣合唱
04. 暗示
05. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)
06. 有一天 (國)

I’m really lazy. Too lazy to post all the youtube videos for the songs…hehe. So just go to urnobody919’s Youtube channel and look for Linda Chung related stuff. You also can just copy the song name and paste it into Youtube’s search thing. Enjoy!