Not sure if you’ve already heard of him, but Yoonha Hwang, otherwise known as Yoonha85 on Youtube is one AWESOME pianist. He has multiple Youtube accounts, which have garnered 10,000 subscribers! He does all his piano covers by ear, and he plays different genres of songs, from SNSD’s “Gee” to Jay Sean’s “Down”. (Yes, he even plays American music.)

A couple weeks ago, he released a piano cover of 2PM’s “Tired of Waiting”, and just last week, he released a piano cover of 2PM’s “Heartbeat”. I can only say that he has magical hands & a fantastic ear. None of my piano covers will ever compare to him.

Check out his piano covers below:

Tired of Waiting


What do you think?

On a side note, if you’re wondering why I’m suddenly writing all these articles since most of the time I’m swamped with homework, it’s because there was a blackout at school today. :] Near the end of my AP U.S. History class, there was a sudden blackout. Normally after History, I have a 10 minute break, but this break ended up being for about half an hour, since the school had no electricity. However, we couldn’t go home until an hour or so without electricity. And they made us go to our next class. But we have no electricity, so I don’t know HOW we could even learn…so I was just playing on my friend’s iTouch. It was so boring..I wish I could’ve gone home. xD Funny thing is, some teachers were actually teaching their students even without electricity. Talk about crazy. xD Well, that’s the end of my crazy story. I still have homework to do..but I’d rather write an article here any day! (: