I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, but 2PM has been promoting Samsung’s new line of Corby phones. A CF is to come out soon, but while we’re waiting for it, I suggest that you go to Samsung’s website: http://kr.samsungmobile.com/event/corby/event_main.jsp?bncode=SSAM200911181082!

It takes a while to load, but other than that, this website is really great. You can pick any color phone, and then match the member of 2PM to that phone. After you do that, the member of 2PM comes out and does a little talent or dance, something really cute ^^ Then you can take a picture of the member on your computer. This is so that you can see the quality of the picture as if it was taken with the Samsung Corby.

While on this website, I chose Nichkhun’s phone (the pink one), and then later he came out into the pink room in his pink outfit, and he did an adorable dance. xD Then he made heart shapes with his hand and I took lots of pictures of him with the picture tool on the Samsung Corby website. You can also save these pictures if you want, so you get an extra memory! (:

I also found a video showing Nichkhun’s little dance. So cute ^^