Hello guys!

Remember when my sister (wannabefob) and I said that we’d be updating you guys every week with the music that we’re currently listening to (check this post)? Well, that obviously didn’t work because we listened to basically the same music for a couple weeks without getting tired of it. So now, we’re going to just update you guys with what music we currently like..I’m not sure how often we ‘ll be doing it, but hopefully at least once a month xD

So, today I’ll be showing you guys some of the songs that I’m currently addicted to ^^

First up is SHINee’s Y.O.U. Yes, I know that their mini album “Year of Us” was released in Mid-October, but I didn’t really listen to the songs much back then because I was in love with Wheesung’s album “Vocalate” (and I’m still liking it now! I’m definitely gonna buy it!). SHINee won various awards for “Ring Ding Dong” (which is also a super addicting song despite its auto-tune). So since I really like “Ring Ding Dong”, I decided to listen to all their other songs in the mini-album to consider buying it. Through this mini album, SHINee presents us a whole different style. Although different from previous songs, Y.O.U. is a really nice song to listen to. I love the part when they sing “Nothing can stop me from loving you, you, you”. So go ahead and listen to it if you haven’t already!

Another song I like (also by SHINee) is Jojo. It’s also in their mini album Y.O.U. Unlike “Y.O.U.”, Jojo is an upbeat song. There’s not really a certain phrase in this song that I love, but there are lots of sweet english parts. :] (I’m not sure about you, but have you noticed a pattern? In “Juliette”, the name of the girl was obviously Juliet, and in Jojo, I’m guessing that Jojo is the name of the girl..hmm maybe I should make my name start with a “J” too..)

2PM’s first full album titled “1:59 PM” was released just a week ago! If you haven’t heard the songs, check out our other post here! Anyways, my favorite song from the album was “Gimme the Light”. It has a nice R&B feel, and I really love the chorus- it’s really catchy. :] If you haven’t heard the song yet, listen to it NOW:

Okay, last but not least, it’s Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress!” When I saw the MV, it was the saddest thing ever (aside from SG Wannabe’s “Partner For Life” and KISS’ “Because I’m a Girl”). I just wanted to hug Taeyang right there and let him know that at least somebody loved him. :] Anyways, Taeyang’s newly released single “Wedding Dress” has been topping the charts lately. Even my guy friends thought that it was an amazing song. Listen away:

By the way, want to see the reaction of my friends (both GUYS) when I put the link on their Facebooks? xD (Click on picture to see it bigger.)