2PM was at MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), but without their leader Jaebeom. Earlier we told you guys that the people at MAMA were trying to get Jaebeom to attend, but I guess in the end he didn’t. Maybe he’s just not ready..

But guess who won Artist of the Year?

That’s right! 2PM!!!!!!! They also won Best Male Group :]

I’m proud of our boys. I felt like tearing up when I saw how happy they were, so happy that they started crying..

Here’s their video for Best Male Group:

In addition, Ivy & Nichkhun had a little performance for us. Ivy was trying to seduce Nichkhun. Look at his innocent face! xD

And then came the performances. 2PM performed “Heartbeat”, and at the end, I must say, JYP’s random appearance & his glow in the dark sunglasses were really…interesting..Anyways, after performing “Heartbeat”, 2PM performed “Again and Again”, leaving the space where Jaebeom would perform open, indicating that he’s still a part of the group. I thought that was really cool of them to do that & not cover his space :D