Hello viewers!

So since you guys have reached this website, I’m assuming that you guys either like Korean dramas or Kpop..and since most of our posts are on 2PM, I’m assuming Kpop. (Well, there’s a possibility that you like Cantopop too..but we’re gonna focus on Kpop right now.)

So for those of you that like Kpop, or that are in LOVE with Kpop (like me), I’d like to hear your opinions.

Why do YOU like Kpop so much? I’ve lived in the United States for most of my life (except for 8 months that I spent in Canada when I was born, if that counts), and I’ve never really had Korean friends until I started listening to Kpop. I’m guessing that many of you guys reading this also live in the States or some English speaking country too. There’s so much American music out there, but I don’t listen to it. How come you guys listen to Kpop instead of the music in your country?

And another question (if you guys would like to answer it), how did you guys learn/discover Kpop?

For me, I discovered it through Taiwanese Dramas. xD

My cousin’s friend was over at my house, and on my computer, she was looking up this Taiwanese Drama called “Smiling Pasta”. I thought it looked cute, so I watched the series, and I loved it. After that drama, I started researching other various Taiwanese dramas, as well as Japanese & Korean dramas too! And then coincidentally (or maybe not), a classmate in my Spanish class was talking about Kpop with this Korean classmate, and since we had a substitute that day, they were writing all these Korean boy groups on the whiteboard, including DBSK/TVXQ, Super Junior, and Big Bang. Later at home, while on Facebook, I was looking at my classmate’s profile, and on the “interests” section, she listed DBSK, Super Junior, and Big Bang. And then next to each group, she wrote her favorite member’s name. After that, I started researching on those groups, and I guess I really ended up liking Kpop. ^^ For me, American mainstream music is always about drugs, drinking, or sex..To me, American music doesn’t really hold much meaning; a lot of it is just trash and stuff. But Kpop had nice soft melodies or catchy choruses, while having meaningful lyrics that weren’t obscene or anything :]

So basically, that’s my story & why I love Kpop so much..and then after discovering Allkpop from Wondersmurf (Coolsmurf)’s youtube account, I became updated on a day to day basis about what was happening in Korea and such. (Wondersmurf always put up music videos for various Kpop songs, with English Subtitles, except his account was suspended for copyright infraction or something.)

Yup, so I’d like to hear you guys now. If you’re even READING this post, then please answer! I love to hear how you guys learned about Kpop & why you’re in love with it ^^