I must say, one of the most controversial awards ceremonies that I have encountered is this year’s MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

There have been arguments that the awards were not given out fairly and that the winners of the awards only won them because of company agreements between Mnet & YG/JYP/etc. Additionally, the feud between SM & Mnet is a super complicated matter too (check Allkpop for more info).

At MAMA, there were many performances, but the one that outraged fans the most was the joint performance by Ivy & 2PM’s Thai Prince Nichkhun. This caused Ivy to close down her minihompy due to comments that bashed her for “seducing” Nichkhun, even though it was only for the show.

For me, the one thing that made me mad was how Mnet said that they’d try to bring Jaebeom to the Awards Ceremony to accept any awards with 2PM, but in my opinion, I think they did it just to boost ratings. :/

Anyways, here’s some behind the scenes footage taken at MAMA:

As you can see, Nichkhun says “Jay! This is for you baby!”. I hope Jaebeom sees this, and returns to 2PM soon, but with the persistent Hottests & tensions with Anti-fans still high, I think that’s not very likely to happen soon..