I’m sure that many of you guys already found this out, but I’m going to post about it anyways xD

There is so much irony in 2PM’s full album “1:59”, that was released a couple weeks ago.

First of all, on 2PM’s website, when they had the countdown clocks, each clock stopped at 1:59, thus releasing the teaser of that song. Funny how their album is titled “1:59” too, but we were just too ignorant to notice.

Second, on 2PM’s website, when there was a heartbeat on the page, nobody really knew what it meant. Did it mean that the heart would stop beating when 2PM’s teasers/songs were released? It’s only now that we realize that the heartbeat was the title of their main track, “Heartbeat”. xD

And of course, the most obvious point- the title of the album, 1:59PM. It’s so ironic how fans called a 2PM without seven members 1:59PM, and thus, their album was titled “1:59PM”. For those of you who persist to call Park Jin Young someone who kicked Jaebeom out of 2PM, well think again — he brought up the name “1:59PM”. 2PM themselves have acknowledged that the name of their album was to make a statement- that without their leadja Jaebeom, 2PM would not be 2PM.

Let’s wait for Jaebeom. Jaebeom fighting! 2PM fighting!