Hello guys! Happy Thanksgiving! :]

I have a couple new songs to share with you guys!

However, this time they’re kind of the less popular songs, but still good!

Let’s start with After School’s “When I Fall”. Fell in love with this song once I heard it..I love the feel of it. ^^ After School recently made their comeback with “Because of You”, but I’m liking “When I Fall” more.

I’m also really feeling T-ara/Tiara right now. They’re so underrated, but they have lovely voices! Only one in the group that bugs me is Boram..she’s way too short and doesn’t really match the other group members at all :/

But anyways, a while ago, a few members of Tiara did a duet with a few members from male group  Supernova (first time I’ve heard of them). Their project was titled “Time to Love”, also known as  “TTL”. This song ranked high on all the music charts and was immensely popular. It also gave Tiara a new image from their pure image in “Lies”, which I’ll discuss more later. There was also a TTL 2, with all the members of Tiara & Supernova combined. Which one do you think is better?



Another song I like by Tiara is “Lies”. Really catchy..many of these songs remind me of OST songs, but I love them nonetheless!

Keep a lookout for After School & Tiara! These two groups have potential, but are unfortunately underrated because they’re not from the big 3 (SM, YG, JYP). After School is scheduled to have their comeback soon & Tiara’s first full album will be released next Friday! Their album has 14 songs too! I think this album will be worth buying..xD There are so many albums I’d like to buy right now..