…2PM winning their first K-Chart on KBS Music Bank! Last week, we told you about how 2PM was in second place on Music Bank, just a tad behind SS501’s “Love Like This”. This time, 2PM, or 1:59PM was able to overcome that “tad”, and win a K-Chart — only after 2 weeks AND amidst  the Hottests’ boycott! I was surprised, and yet not so surprised. I knew that Hottests boycotting would ultimately decide whether or not 2PM would win any award with “1:59PM” — it depended on whether or not Hottests would stand their ground and only support 2PM with Jaebeom. On the other hand, seeing how close 2PM was to winning a K-Chart, I thought that “1:59PM” might just be able to win with the Hottests who didn’t boycott. . . and they did win! 2PM’s “Heartbeat” won with 12,255 points, over Baek Ji Young’s “Don’t Forget” that had 8,356 points (2nd Place), leaving SS501’s “Love Like This” in third with 7,496 points.

Check out the top two performances (Baek Ji Young wasn’t there):

SS501’s “Love Like This”:

2PM’s “Heartbeat”:

Winner Announcement:

Much thanks to CodeMonmonSeason5 for the videos.