When I went on Fung Forever, I translated a news article from Wednesday (11/25) since I was too lazy to read the Chinese, and I saw that RAYMOND LAM WENT TO SAN MATEO!!! For those of you who don’t know where San Mateo is, it’s a small city with a population around 100,000 people. It’s in the middle of San Francisco and San Jose (California) and I LIVE THERE!! I can’t believe RAYMOND LAM WENT TO SAN MATEO! I’m still shocked and angry at myself for not knowing before hand. . . I could’ve seen him! HE IS MY FAVORITE CANTOPOP SINGER!!! Oh, well, maybe next time. . . but this time, he was REALLY CLOSE!!! I could’ve met him!!! I’m not as obsessed with him as I was before, but still! By the time I’ll actually get to go to a Raymond Lam concert will probably be when he’s forty or when he’s ended his career. :( Or maybe when I might go to Hong Kong. :)

(Just in case you were wondering, I didn’t go to Raymond Lam’s concert in Reno or the one in Las Vegas because I’d take a couple hours in a car and I’d have to drag one of my parents with me and it was way too expensive, for me at least — the cheapest ticket for the Reno concert was more expensive than the most expensive ticket for Raymond’s Lam concert in his Hong Kong concert.)

It’s been said and done anyways, so here’s the article that I took from Asian Fanatics that took the article from Fung Forever and translated it. I’m really lazy today. :|

The famous stars in Hong Kong, Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu, arrived the Bay area in San Francisco. Raymond said he’ll keep exploring and trying new things in his music career and will release his Mandarin album next year whereas Bernice Liu misses the days when she had dinner with family and friends during Thanksgiving Day.

The Reno concert of Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu will be held tomorrow and it’s organized by USASIA INC.. The press conference was held in a restaurant in San Mateo. Raymond Lam was in a trendy and cool black outercoat whereas Bernice Liu didn’t put on much makeup; they looked fresh and energetic. They arrived at about 2:20 p.m..

The MC introduced, “This is the first time Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu jointly hold a Christmas concert in United States. All 3000 tickets were sold out and to fans from all around the world, including the ones from Hong Kong and Los Angeles.”

San Francisco left him with profound impression.

During the interview with Singtao and the corresponding radio programme, Raymond said he’s quite familiar with San Francisco. He did travel to San Francisco when he studied at University of Southern California. He was impressed by the nice weather over there.

Raymond Lam’s very interested in photography. He was initially planning to buy discounted cameras during Thanksgiving Day. However, his schedule is very tight and he of course needs to rehearse with dancers and the orchestra. Hence, he’ll leave this job to the audience to take photos for him.

Raymond said the concert rundown will include a variety of elements, including his new and classic songs. When asked about whether there will be surprises for the audience, he said you’ll know when you get there.

He hopes the audience can sing along with him and enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

When asked about his career in the entertainment industry, he humbly said he’s lucky to have a lot of trust and support from the audience and the companies (for which he worked). They let him spend more time on music recently so he can try more new stuff in music. In addition to releasing his first Mandarin album next year, he will also be starred in movies. He looks forward to exploring and trying different things in his career.

Bernice Liu misses those days when she had the turkey dinner with family and friends

Having lived in Canada for a number of years, Bernice’s used to having turkey dinner with friends and family. Raymond added, “I heard that people who eat a lot of turkey tend to fall asleep and doze off more easily.” Bernice was a bit shocked and said she didn’t doze off after eating turkey for several years though.

Looking forward to have fun with the audience during Thanksgiving Day.

Jointly holding a concert in Reno for the first time, Raymond Lam and Bernice Liu said they will try their best to give a good show. Two days later, Raymond will hold his first concert in Las Vegas.

Also, Raymond Lam is having a concert in Macau with other stars on January 9, 2010. If you live in Macau, you’re pretty lucky. I’m jealous. :(

Here’s the poster:

Raymond Lam is holding a concert in Macau SAR (an island "owned" in China) on January 9, 2010.