2PM made a guest appearance at the MBC Social Service Awards. After performing "Heartbeat", Junsu lost his balance and fell backwards. All the other 2PM members had already left the stage, but luckily, maknae Chansung came and helped Junsu back up. :)

2PM’s members Chansung and Junsu have been receiving much attention because of their strong brotherly affections.

On the 27th at 4 PM at MBC’s 2009 ‘Social Service Awards,’ 2PM performed as a guest appearance. Their impressive zombie dance matched to their title track ‘Heartbeat’ made the fans scream in delight.

When 2PM’s member Junsu was leaving the stage, he lost balance and fell backwards. The rest of the members had already left the stage at this point. Maknae Chansung discovered Junsu first and quickly ran back to him and helped him back up, leading him off of the stage safely. Their strong brotherly love has been garnering the interest of many.


(I just took this from 2ONEDAY)