For some reason, the English subbing of IRIS was really slow for some time — episode 11 was subbed one week (ONE WEEK) after episode 10 was subbed. For my sister and me, that is a LONG time, so we tried watching more mellow-ish dramas like “Creating Destiny”, “Smile, You”, “Temptation of Angel”, and a really interesting variety-type show, “Idol Army: Season 3 (2PM)”. Out of all of those, I’d recommend Idol Army because these kinds of variety shows are cool because we don’t always see them. (Also, it was cool because 2PM was there!) However, it was only 17 episodes (yes, only — eunii can watch up to 5 hour-long episodes of Korean TV Programs in a day!). Right now, IRIS has been subbed really quickly, so we haven’t quite finished, but we’re on episode 15 of Idol Army.

Anyways, IRIS episodes 13 and 14 are out! I think that episode 15 aired on Wednesday, so it should be out and subbed (soon?). Email us at or drop us a comment if you’d like the links!

Also, please don’t post the link if you already know it. If you’re watching IRIS, you probably don’t want the website that’s subbing IRIS to have to take off their videos because of copyright issues. This has already happened with, which is really efficient in subbing Korean dramas by the way. Luckily, only IRIS has been taken off viikii. But, still, for the sake of Korean dramas with English subs, DO NOT POST THE WEBSITE FOR IRIS! :)