So, recently, I’ve been going to websites like Wonder Girls Spectacle and Wonderfuls World to see how the Wonder Girls’ Shanghai Concert with 2PM was. Just looking at the pictures, it looked successful, but I still have yet to watch it. :( I’m too lazy to upload all the pictures, but here are some pictures of 2PM performing “Heartbeat”. For other pictures, you can go to Wonderfuls World.

Here are some videos that I saw on Wonderfuls World (thanks to celinaka and iLOVEyoobin  at youtube):

Also, in a recent interview-ish thing, the Wonder Girls said that they never expected that they’d be so popular. If anyone ever doubted them, think again before you speak. ^^

I also heard that the stadium was about 80% full (it holds 10,000 people). That’s pretty good for singers who aren’t American or Chinese. ^^

That was a lot of videos! If you’re like me and don’t want to watch all the videos, I heard that Ye-eun’s performance of “Killing Me Softly” was really good.