Yesterday, Raymond Lam celebrated his 30th birthday! For K-Pop stars, this is an old age, and he’d be considered an 아저씨. In South Korea, most singers debut in their teens, while most Hong Kong singers start in their twenties. Big difference. In Hong Kong, lots of singers start as actors and then become singers or vice versa. Raymond Lam started his career as an actor, so by the time he got into the music industry, he was a bit old.

Instead of taking a day off for his birthday, Raymond Lam attended a Christmas function. The plaza celebrated his birthday with a cake. ! Raymond said that he already celebrated his birthday last night with his colleagues. “I’ll celebrate my birthday with my dog tonight. My birthday wish is to earn more money.” When asked when he’s planning to form a family, he said he did like to do so before 30 years old in the past but now it should be delayed. When asked about Linda, he said this rumour’s very outdated and they have never made phone calls to each other at all.

Happy birthday Raymond Lam!

Even though I liked the Rayda couple in the beginning after seeing “Moonlight Resonance”, I think that this is really starting to annoy him because everyone thinks he has a thing with Linda Chung, while it’s been so long.


FYI: The girl in the pictures is 官恩娜 (Ella).

Many thanks to Fung Forever for the article and pictures. :)