Instead of its normal MBC Music Core on Saturday, MBC hosted a Copyright Clean Concert in partnership with to promote legal downloads. 2PM, of course performed “Heartbeat”, but in addition, they performed “10 out of 10”, their first song. But with “10 out of 10”, if I heard correctly, they changed the lyrics to promote legal downloading. It’s weird thinking that a year ago, they were just “cute” and not really popular, but now they’re “beastly” and extremely popular. :) That’s my boys. xD

credit: bwmow4

Also, recently, 2PM was voted “Artist of the Year” by 22 producers from MBC, KBS, and SBS. This survey was conducted from December 7-9, and one producer even noted that 2PM always had powerful performances and even had 3 hit songs this year — “Again and Again”, “I Hate You”, and “Heartbeat”. Also, despite the Jaebeom controversy, they were able to come back strong and win 3 K-Chart (KBS Music Bank) and 2 Mutizens (SBS Inkigayo), winning their first K-Chart their third week of promotions. 2PM really deserves this award. They were able to stay strong even without Jaebeom and the support of many boycotting Hottests. If Jaebeom returned to 2PM, I bet that 2PM would win all of the K-Charts and Mutizens during their promotions. Maybe its because I’ve been staring at the computer for a while now, but my eyes are feeling a bit watery.

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