So I probably shouldn’t be writing another article because finals for school are coming up, but I love Kpop, Korean dramas, and the Korean language so much that I just HAD to write something else.

For those of you that aren’t Korean (such as me), there are various ways that you can learn Korean for FREE (: Below, I’ll list out a few different websites & methods for learning Korean.

Let’s start with videos. I find watching Korean dramas some dramas, they might always repeat the same phrases, which help me understand a bit of Korean. However, if you really authentically want to want to learn Korean, then the sources below are helpful:

Let’s Speak Korean: This is very helpful, but you may need to know how to read Hangul as they do not write out the romanization of the words at all. By now, there are 3 seasons total. If you search around Google or Youtube enough, you will probably be able to find them.

Korean Class 101: These guys also have a website and audio lessons that you can listen to for free;  however, if you want the REAL stuff, which includes audio, podcasts, and even scripts from the audio lessons as well as other written lessons. Their Youtube channel normally posts videos that teach vocabulary. They pronounce the word and you can also see the Hangul for it.

BusyAtomdotcom: This is a guy who teaches you how to read/write Hangul, and he also has a playlist full of Korean phrases that you can learn. He’s very helpful too, as he explains each part of the sentence and what it means.

On Youtube, there are also various videos that can teach you the Hangul alphabet if you search for it. I tried to post one here but it’s not working ><

Next up is podcasts!

If you have downloaded iTunes (you can download it for free here:, then it shall be very useful to your Korean learning.

There is a section on iTunes called “Podcasts”. Podcasts are basically like TV episodes, except audio episodes.

If you go to your “iTunes Store” on iTunes, then click the tab on the top titled “Podcasts”. Then in the search bar on the top right hand corner near the exit button, type in “learn Korean”, and enter. Soon, a bunch of Podcasts will appear, as well as applications and audiobooks that you can buy to use on your iPod. However, since I like things cheap, then I just get the podcasts, which are FREE. (:

The podcasts that I suggest you subscribe to are: Koreanclass101,, and KimchiGirl’s Korean lessons. As these people add newer lessons to iTunes, then you can also get them. Click “subscribe” on iTunes, and then under your Podcasts list, click the podcast you’d like to listen to. Then click “Get” to get that episode. Super easy, right? After the episode is downloaded, then you can go ahead and listen to the Podcast! Once you finish listening to the podcast, you can either delete it, or just keep it there if you ever want to listen to it again ^^If you have an iPod, you can just put it on your iPod and learn Korean when you’re in the car, or when you’re bored :]

Last but not least, websites!

There are SO many of them out there, so you can just google it and you’ll probably get thousands of websites listed.

Want to learn a new word a day? Then go here: You can play the word and learn some Hangul at the same time! The word is written in Korean and English. Various other languages, such as Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Spanish, German, and more are on that website too.

Because as I already mentioned, there are so many websites where you can learn Korean, I’ll only put the website that I found most useful. It’s ( They teach a lot on grammer in Korean, which is probably one of the most important aspects needed to know to speak Korean well. They also have simple phrases in Korean as well as random vocabulary. They also have games to help you effectively learn Hangul, words, and numbers. If you have any questions about the Korean language, you can also go to their chat room or discussion forum. If you’re ever thinking of going to Korea to live or just as a vacation, this website provides a list of museums, galleries, libraries, and more for you to drop by. Best of all, this website is FREE! That’s right- all this is FREEE!!

For those of you that would like to learn Korean, this is for you! Free & helpful- what more could you ask for? :] I hope that this post has helped you in your search to learn Korean (: