Hello guys!

So since I have no more school for 2 more weeks because it’s winter break, I have more time to post here!! Not sure if you’ve noticed, but my sister Wannabefob has been doing most of the posts for this past week because I had to study for finals..which did not go so well D:

Anyways, today I’m going to bring you guys some more songs that I started listening to recently ^^ There’s only a few, so don’t worry (:

First up is T-ara’s “Like the First Time”. T-ara came back a few weeks ago with a FULL album!! And all the songs there are so good ^^ However, they chose to promote either “Bo Peep Bo Peep” or “Like the First Time”. In my opinion, “Like the First Time” is catchier and I like it more ^^Watch the MV with English Subtitles below! (By the way, I did a piano cover of this song; I’ll post it in the next post.)

Next up is a duet between 2AM’s Jokwon & Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In! If you’ve been following them lately, they’re a couple on variety show “We Got Married”. They recently did a duet called “We Fell in Love”. Their vocals really complimented each other well. Their duet is also very upbeat and ready for the Christmas season!~ Listen below with English Subtitles (:

Last but not least is Jewelry’s “Love Story”. This song is the last song by Jewelry with their 4 original members before Seo Inyoung and Park Jungah leave the group. It’s a really nice song ^^ I couldn’t find the MV with English subtitles, but at least you can still watch the MV. The MV shows footage of the girls from when they first debuted until now.