Title: IRIS/아이리스

Genre: Action, Romance

Episodes: 20, approximately an hour each

Average Rating: 32% nationwide in Korea (REALLY GOOD)

Where to watch: Mysoju.com (if mysoju doesn’t have all the episodes, drop us a comment or email us [wannabefob@yahoo.com] for the website)

Main Characters:

Lee Byung Hun as Kim Hyun Jun:

About: Lee Byung Hun is one of the popular Hallyu (Korean Wave) actors. He starred in many Korean dramas and movies (which I have never seen). This year, he was cast in the American movie G.I. Joe as Storm Shadow. He is fluent in English after learning it for 2 years in school (although I thought that he grew up in the States because his English in IRIS was so good!).

Character in IRIS: Kim Hyun Jun is someone with amazing memory and he is also very charming. However, deep inside, he is really hurt because he witnessed the murder of his parents when he was young, and that is the one memory he does not wish to remember. He joins the NSS because he likes adventure and excitement in his life.

Kim Tae Hee as Choi Seung Hee:

About: Kim Tae Hee is also, like Lee Byung Hun, a very renown actress, best known for her role as the evil stepsister in Korean drama Stairway to Heaven. She was also the main lead in Love Story in Harvard.

Character in IRIS: Choi Seung Hee is a very beautiful and very smart lady in NSS. She is skilled physically as well.

Jung Joon Ho as Jin Sa Woo:

About: I honestly did not watch any dramas or movies starring Jung Joon Ho.

Character in IRIS: Jin Sa Woo is Kim Hyun Jun’s best friend, and they’ve been like that ever since they were in the army together. Sa Woo also joins the NSS with Hyun Jun. However, due to circumstances and events that happen on later in the drama, Sa Woo becomes enemies with Hyun Jun.

Kim So Yeon as Kim Sun Hwa:

About: Also the first time I saw this actress x]

Character in IRIS: Kim Sun Hwa works for North Korea to keep her family safe. She is given the order of killing Kim Hyun Jun, but when she finds him, he captures her and doesn’t kill her. She starts to help him out after seeing his kindness.

T.O.P. as Vick:

About: I think we all know this guy! If you don’t, then shame on you! He’s from top Korean boy group Big Bang! This was the reason I started to watch IRIS in the first place.

Character in IRIS: Vick is part of IRIS, and he is a top assassin. His mission throughout the drama is to murder anyone that is not useful or in the way of IRIS’ plans.

Synopsis (from Viikii): Top 707 agents Kim Hyunjun (Lee Byunghun) and Jin Sawoo (Jung Junho) are blood brothers who swore to trust each other and unchanging friendship for life. Hyunjun had lost his parents in a car accident when he was young. He doesn’t have much memory of them from the shock of their death. Not only that, he always carries a sense of void and loneliness in his heart. But his friend Sawoo had filled that void. The men go to 707 Corps to qualify as agents. They stand out and get noticed by the National Security System (NSS) and become the top agents. They meet agent Choi Seungjee (Kim Taehee) there and both fall in love for her. But Hyunjun and Seunghee become close and Sawoo fights to hide his feelings for Seunghee. He tries to be happy for Hyunjun. Hyunjun and Seunghee date in secret from the other NSS agents and eventually go on a secret trip to Japan. When they return to Korea, they are immediately sent on a mission to Hungary with Sawoo. When they successfully finish off their job with immaculate teamwork and are celebrating it.. a message arrives to Hyunjun asking him to meet in secret.


I watched this drama with anticipation because TOP from Big Bang was in it and because it seemed like a really suspenseful drama that would keep me watching. For those that do not like action, but instead want more romance, then IRIS is not the drama for you. I mean, sure, there’s a lot of romance in the first few episodes of IRIS, but it goes away soon, and the drama becomes very serious. This drama reminded me a lot of Temptation Between Dog and Wolf starring Lee Jun Ki because best friends become enemies as one goes undercover, becoming a part of the opposing side. But seriously, do not watch IRIS if you are in it for the romance between Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee. A couple of people I know said that they stopped watching IRIS because it got “boring”, as in not enough romance. IRIS is more of an action/CSI type of drama. I found it really good and anticipated watching every episode as it came out with English subtitles. I loved watching this drama, but even I found it kind of unrealistic. Each happy scene was interrupted with a bad scene. The bad guys were so strong and skilled that they could kill all the good people, but when Kim Hyun Jun  went to save the day, he alone could kill all the bad guys..well, I guess it IS a drama. x] All in all, if you want action, this is for you. However, I found the ending of the drama a bit disappointing. It left many, including me, hanging. I had so many questions..don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you x] I’m glad that a sequel of IRIS will be in the making for 2010, but I’m not sure if there will be the same main characters. A side note, the OST for this series was really good ^^ Many artists such as Seo Inyoung from Jewelry, Baek Jiyoung, and more. I really liked this series’ OST x] Hmm..what else should I critique? Overall, the acting was very good, as we have top actors Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Hee as part of the main cast.

Rating: 3.5/5

I actually really liked this drama, but many I know did not, so it kind of does make my rating lower. If you read the review above, then you can probably see why I gave IRIS the rating I did.