So I’m not going to post ALL the performances, only a couple I really liked. I actually liked all of them but I’m too lazy to put it up here. If you want to watch all the performances, just search “SBS Gayo Daejun 2009” on youtube or another streaming site. (:

Not really a performance, but the beginning of the show with the MCs, Park Shin Hye, Yong Jung Hwa, and Kim Heechul. I’m not a fan of Heechul, but I  am of the Korean drama “You’re Beautiful”! Plus, I’m on Team Shinwoo! x]

2AM & Davichi performing “A Friend’s Confession” and “8282”. I love the harmonization!

After School’s Gahee & UEE, 4 Minute’s Hyuna, and Kara’s Nicole & Seungyeon performing 2PM’s “Heartbeat”. If it’s something related to 2PM, then of course I must post it!!