10Asia recently interviewed SBS Inkigayo’s PD Park Sung Hoon about 2PM. Below is the interview translated to English thanks to tvxqbuzz7921 in the 2oneday forums.

A particular stage that stands out in your mind.
PD: For 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ comeback performance I thought it would be interesting if they came out breaking something, I thought of glass but there wasn’t enough time to order artificial glass. So we resorted to using ice, but the thing with ice is that you have to cut it right before you use it. So if there was an NG, that is when you’d have to cut another slice of ice. (laughs) So we had no choice but to go without NGs.

Even though 2PM is in the same group, at times like this it was hard.

PD: 2PM was a little hard, their concept is ‘make the females faint’. (laughs) 2PM’s fans don’t see them as artists but rather as men. During ‘I Hate You’ we were just going to show them touching their jaws and then go to a full shot when they touched their bodies, but the script writers suggested showing it through the end. So we did it that way and the fans loved it because no other broadcast had shown the choreography in its entirety that followed the whole movement from start to finish. The following we we showed another member, so the fans were curious who would be the focus the following week. Eventually we ended up repeating the song and showing all the members. It was a fun communication experience with the fans.

During 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ comeback performance there are rumors that the ’empty space’ graphic represented leader Jaebum.
PD: That was something even I didn’t know, but I found out the graphic designer sneakily placed it in like an ‘easter egg’. So due to that, we were dubbed ‘Sensible Inkigayo’. We are very thankful for that. (laughs)

The fact that 2PM performed on a lot of stages has some meaning to it.
(*I think they were referring to the SBS Gayo Daejun)
PD: They were a hot issue this year, when we worked together they were friends that my heart particularly went to. But I admit that creating balance for the show was a factor that we failed in.