Hello guys!!

So I can proudly say that I’ve finished IRIS, Temptation of an Angel, and You’re Beautiful in the past few months (:

For those of you that would like to watch a drama, I have a few to recommend along with a short description. Get ready!

1. Creating Destiny- airs every Saturday & Sunday

This story is about a Sang-eun, a girl from Australia, who goes to Korea to meet Yeo-joon. Their parents are best friends, so I guess it’s natural for them to want their kids to get married. However, Sang-eun already has a boyfriend (who her father disapproves of because he’s white) and Yeo-joon is waiting for the girl he likes (who’s a designer in France). When these two first meet, they do not get along. However, as the drama progresses, you can see them starting to like each other.

So far only 24 out of 37 episodes are out.  I know that this drama is a bit longer than normal dramas which range around 16-20 episodes, but if you like family centered dramas, this is a good one (:

2. Smile, You – airs every Saturday & Sunday

Jung-In is a girl who went from being rich to poor when her father’s company went bankrupt. Right after her wedding, her spouse dumps her because she’s poor. Her family and her move into Hyun-Soo’s house, because Hyun Soo’s grandpa worked for Jung-In’s grandfather. In this drama, you see how these two fall in love, and it’s really cute (:

So far only 29 out of 47 episodes have been aired. I know that this drama is even longer than Creating Destiny, but it’s also a really touching drama. The chemistry between Jung-In and Hyun-Soo is just so strong, and they really sacrifice a lot for each other. This drama will make you laugh and cry. Really recommended.

3. Autumn’s Concerto – airs every Sunday

This drama is the story of a girl named Mu Cheng. She used to be rich, but after her father died, she became poor. She works at Guang Xi’s (main guy) school because she works at the cafeteria, and that is where she meets him. Guang Xi makes a bet with his friends that he can win her over, but he later realizes that she’s different from all the other girls he used to go out with. They fall in love, but later Guang Xi finds out that he has a tumor in his brain. He undergoes surgery, and as a result, he loses all his memory. For his own good, Mu Cheng leaves Guang Xi when he goes into the surgery room. However, she finds out that she’s pregnant with his child. She decides to have the child and lives in peace. 6 years later, the two meet again through a series of events.

All I gotta say is, this is one really good drama! I don’t watch many Taiwanese dramas, but my friend and cousin recommended it to me, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. However, I had to since not all the episodes are out yet. I think there are 20 episodes total; only 14 have been released. (:


I watch all these dramas on Viikii.net. However, you can also go to  Mysoju or Dramacrazy (: