Remember when we told you about 2PM signing as Spris models? Well, here’s an insider’s view of it all. This girl (I’m assuming) was an extra for the shoot..what a lucky girl. x]

Returning from 2PM Spris CF

On January 4th at 7:20AM I arrived at ShinSah terminal and waited for the bus until 8:30AM
I thought I was going to die because it was so cold. Why did we have a blizzard that day?
I traveled by bus and arrived around 10AM to the filming set but I was so annoyed
The actual filming kept getting delayed….I was on standby from 10AM until 12PM…–
Did I wait until 2 hours? No No.
I waited 14 hours. Kk From 10 in the morning until 12 at night on the bus because there was nothing to do.
I just slept but they did feed me 3 meals.
They started filming at 12AM, TaecYeon was practicing some dance moves on the stage. He was pretty cool.
He’s not just a celebrity for nothing, he’s got the height.
Seeing him in person, he has a pretty small face. Kkk. When he came in people were all whispering about how small his face was.
Next to him were the staff that turned him into a beast.
Nichkhun was dribbling around but the basketball flew out and hit some girl.
He said “Are you okay? (*wrote it exactly how he pronounced it ^^)” kk And the girl basically fainted because he said that.
Next was WooYoung. WooYoung rode a skateboard.
Junsu came on some kind of bicycle.
Next Hwang ChanSung came out, they filmed him tumbling. While the CF was filming music was playing and ChanSung just kept dancing…he didn’t even stop to take a break, he kept dancing that you almost thought he was showing off his dance moves.
Last was JunHo, he came with ChanSung and did a tumbling show together. It was pretty awesome.
Oh, and cameras and handphones weren’t allowed in the shot. I got caught taking pictures and had my phone confiscated. Kk
Then, they all took a rest and then at the end all six members came out and we did a Spris performance collectively.
kk. They all came out in wifebeaters and Junsu’s armpit hair..kkkkk It was totally the AMAZON.
The filming finished at 3AM.
Ah, we were supposed to wave our hands and scream the whole time, but I got tired and just lipsynced.
We were supposed to be done by around 9PM, but we got paid about 50 won (~$43.70) for waving our hands around.
During the entire filming they kept playing Spris songs. It was a pretty good song. It sounded like 2PM sang it.
Anyways, seeing 2PM in person they are really charismatic and handsome. The thing I was most shocked about was Nichkhun’s face.

CREDITS: DC Gallery (Source), tvxqbuzz7921@2ONEDAY.COM (translation)