I called JYPE for the first time today.
I dialed and then pressed 2, ‘Heartbeat’ played.
Then I pressed 3 for management?
They answered…kkk

JYPE: Yes, this is JYP.
Hottest: This is JYPE right?
J: Yes
H: I was curious about something, I thought Taecyeon oppa (*and the others) were going to avoid variety programs temporarily, why is he appearing on Family Outing?
J: They did not go on variety programs previously.
H: What?
J: They did not go on variety programs previously. (in a slightly angry tone)
H: I thought it they were going to avoid appearing on variety programs until Jaebum oppa returned?
J: (scoffs) We never stated that they would not be appearing on variety programs until Jaebum-sshi returned.
H: I think it doesn’t make sense that you are going through with something the fans don’t want.
J: Okay, we understand.
H: Excuse me?
J: We get it. — (the person got really angry here)
H: Oh okay.

And then they hung up.
Everyone says that they weren’t able to contact them but I got through.
Gosh, they were really rude —
It was the first time I was talking to JYP so I spoke a lot of gibberish but they were so rude. kkkk

CREDITS: 다음 (SOURCE); tvxqbuzz7921@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

..Has JYP always been lying to us just so that Hottests’ wouldn’t keep protesting??