Beastly idols 2PM on MBC’s <HeoDdangSa>?!

On the recording to air on the 10th at MBC’s <HeoDdangSa>, Lee Jaehyung, Oh Jungtae, Son Heonsu, Kim Kyungjin and other gagmen transformed into 2PM for a surprise ‘Heartbeat’ parody performance.

WIth 2PM’s powerful zombie and dance singing, they received a round of applause from the audience. They wore 2PM’s personal outfits along with the smokey makeup look, recreating 2PM’s exact image, although a bit lacking compared to the original, making the production team fall in laughter.

Kim Kyungjin, having transformed into Taecyeon, made the audience laugh with his heart performance. Particularly Oh Jungtae, taking over the role of 2PM’s flower boy Nichkhun, made the audience and fellow actors alike yell in protest.