“Le Grand Chef 2” 2PM’s Wooyoung one of the four to follow JinGoo?
2PM’s Wooyoung was picked out of 2PM to be the person who can cook well.

The portal site Nate released a poll asking, “Out of the 2PM member who can cook the best with full potential and well, like SungChan in the movie ‘Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War’?” The poll was done for a week, starting on the 4th.

As hot idols groups are on the rise these days, netizens gained hot interests and had 2PM’s Wooyoung getting 40% of votes.

Outside from this Nichkhun got 24% following Wooyoung, Taecyeon with 14%, Junho following behind with 14%.
The youngest Chansung and lead vocal Junsu got 7% and 6%, as they were low percentages.

The netizens that picked Wooyoung have said, “Whatever you have Wooyoung do, he seems like he will do it well” and “From the shows it seems that Wooyoung has greed (has passion) to cook. If he was a cook, he seems like he will put in his effort”.


Hmm..What do YOU think?