Various videos of Nichkhun playing badminton with badminton player Lee Yongdae have been released. Check them out (all the way on the bottom)!

Nich Khun, who was once a badminton player, will meet “Wink Boy” Lee Yongdae (professional badminton player) who is the same age.

JYP Entertainment revealed that, “2PM Nich Khun is planned to meet Lee Yongdae on the 12th at the 2010 Victor Korea Open. He will be visiting the stadium for the Badminton Super Series.”

2PM’s Nich Khun, who receives a lot of love from Noona’s as the King of the stage is the same age (1988) as Lee Yongdae, the King of the court.

The meeting of the two answered the strong call of the Korean Badminton Association. Nich Khun accepted the call to compete from both the Association and Lee Yongdae’s request, even volunteering to return from his vacation.

Nich Khun commented that, “I really like the badminton player, Lee Yongdae. I’ve always watched Lee Yongdae play through TV, but I’m very nervous to actually meet him” and “I used to be a badminton player when I attended school in America, but I’m really happy to have the chance to play in Korea. I’m looking forward to having a good time with Lee Yongdae as well.”
Credit: Newsen (Source), love-yun@2ONEDAY (Trans)