Finally, some news on our leader..even though I already saw this picture a while ago, I didn’t know that a fan gave it to Jaebeom. ^^

(Just in case you can recognize Jay, he’s the one standing on the far right with the black beanie)

The release of 2PM’s single “Tik Tok” and ex-member Jaebum, who is rising up in internet portal site search engines, are gaining a lot of attention.

A picture of Jaebum’s recent look was uploaded on Daum’s notice board, catching the interest of Netizens. The entry, uploaded on the 11th, received 16,000 inquiries and over 500 comments from Netizens, causing a big reaction.

After the release of surprisingly degrading statements, Jaebum withdrew from 2PM and is currently in America dancing. These facts are all known by everyone. However the reason why the picture uploaded by one particular fan is so special is because Jaebum is wearing a t-shirt sent by Korean fans. Jaebum’s American friends are, impressively, also seen wearing the same t-shirt.

Many Netizens who saw the picture commented “Come back now”, “We’re waiting for you” and “Give up your American citizenship and just come”, “I’ll forgive you if you serve in the Korean military”. The comments are being highly recognized by the public and is clearly full of big talk towards Jaebum, who is an American citizen.

Although JYP Entertainment didn’t release any official news about it, Netizens are looking forward to the possibility of Jaebum coming back again.

Credit: Radio GFM (Source), love-yun@2ONEDAY (Trans)